Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is not the end...

It is only the end of the beginning!
Betty Blogger summer school taught me many things, the most important of which is that I may actually be a closet-blogger. I don't mean that I want to blog about my closet, or any closet - NOT that there is anything wrong with that should someone else want to blog about their closet - It's just that I don't. My closet is shy. And not very interesting. And may be hiding a monster that is very shy. But we don't talk about that. Or blog about it. ever. except now.
right! The most challenging part of the Betty Blogger summer school was my inability to control the stream-of-consciousness style writing. Like now. Stop that! STOP! or it could be my tyops, tpoys.... typos. The actual assignments and web-plorations were easy! (see what I did there...made a word up using "web" as in World Wide Web and "explorations" as in what we did in this course. Not a typo. It's a made up word and that IS how it's spelt. Did I mention the stream-of-consciousness thing? No? Maybe?
The style of the course was great. "Self-directed" was easy to accomodate into both my schedule and in my tendancy towards procrastination. This was somewhat surprising given my poor sense of direction. Still, even I can find my way to the computer. I totally knew that I placed the laptop in the laundry basket. And eventually I even found the laundry basket. Hey! That's it. I'm not a procrasonator, I'm .........{The Absent Librarian will get back to this sentence later, we think}
I would happily recommend this course to a friend. Even a non-friend. It was fun, enlightening and non-stressful (I like that part too!)
I learned a lot! I found out that I knew more than I thought I did. And that is always a welcome, if seldom felt, surprise!


  1. Oh you make me laugh! You have a great writing style, Absent. I hope you'll keep it up. I'd read what you had to write...