Thursday, August 6, 2009

Streaming Consiousness

YouTube, I Tube, Everybody Tubes!

Originally YouTube was the bane of my Email existence. Daily I would receive multiple forwards of cats flushing toilets, flash mobs invading transit stations and stand up comics whose vocabulary was not appropriate for my lunchtime viewing at work. should gasping in surprise and slamming-down-the-mute-button-before-the-bad-word-finishes become an Olympic sport...I am Gold Medal material.

I can see why it is so popular. There is something out there for everyone. The tags used to help with searching are great too. I was able to find things very easily...even topics I was sure wouldn't be on there (see grotesque below ). Easy to use, wide variety of topics, and something everyone can post to...makes this site a thumbs up for me.

YouTube has some real gems for those seeking a chuckle. Or perhaps looking to view that interview everyone is talking about this morning. But what surprised me is that it can also be instructional (how to say the word Beijing) and horribly grotesque. I am amazed at the personal and embarrassing moments people post about themselves for the whole world to see, copy and save. The lack of control over who has access to your posts makes me reluctant to post anything myself (and the belief that no one would want to watch me cook or cut my lawn. Apparently I am not nearly clumsy enough. I will work on that.) I have discovered something of a voyeuristic streak using YouTube. I think I will feed the beast for a while. Here`s what I served for dinner...

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  1. I'm noting the link to your grotesque video is broken. "John's Pus Face" must have been really gross...