Friday, March 22, 2013

Quote for the Week

This library has something offensive to everyone.
If you are  not offended by 
 something we have, 
please  complain.

- Dorothy Broderick, Writer.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Edible Books!

Books may be food for the soul, but why not feed your soul and your sweet tooth at the same time?

Check out these literary cakes..and mind the drool.  Mmm-mm!

My Fav's...

A Book in Any Language ...

I work on a daily rotating schedule at 8 elementary schools.  Yes, I said 8.  That's a lot of collections and student names to remember.  In the last few years I have come across something else to remember.  Many of the new students are recent immigrants.  They come from all over the world and for many, English is a second language.  Most of these children are first-generation English speakers.  So how can we adjust our home reading programs to accommodate parents and grand-parents who can not read the books we send home with the kids?

We have a fledgling Dual Language collection, but with so many languages and a dwindling yearly budget, it is simply not possible to purchase a decent collection for all my students.  My various libraries can trade books, but with over 20 different languages that need to be represented in this year's class, we simply don't have the resources.

Digital Age Rescue

The International Children's Digital Library offers a solution.  This searchable database contains picture books in every language I have needed.  Students can be shown the site at school and sent home with a simple instruction guide.  I have had parents and grandparents respond positively.  Many are thrilled that they can now participate in reading with the children and they are happy to support their native language and culture as well.
By supporting literature in both the mother tongue and English, a positive, inclusive attitude is presented to new students and their families.  This goes a long way in  fostering self-confidence in students and participation by the family in their children's education.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bookplates of the Famous

When I first began my personal library, I was thrilled to discover bookplates.  I could lay claim to my precious tomes and show how very grown up I was.  I was 12 years old.  Unfortunately, the only bookplates I could locate were of a brightly colored clown holding balloons (which I still think belongs on a 4 year-old's party invitation and not in my books) and a stodgy gray pencil sketch of a library.  I choose the pencil sketch because nothing says grown up more than stodgy.

I still have a few books from that first collection, complete with my shaky pre-teen handwritten name on the bookplate.  Oh, how I had wished for a plate that would truly represent my reading prowess and love of books.  Check out these bookplates from the famous and 12 year-old self is so very jealous!
My Favorites are from Nelson Eddy and the Marx's.