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modest or shy due to a lack of self-confidence

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to promote or make widely known

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Futz: to waste time, to idle or to deal with something in a trifling way

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Looking for a Gift for Your Favorite Bibliophile?

This three pack of clip-on reading lamps in red, blue and green are ideal for avid readers on the go. Keep one at home, one in a briefcase or purse for travel, and one at the office. Conveniently read paperbacks, hardcovers and even e-readers with the adjustable LED that provides up to 10,000 hours of light.

Stack books and magazines neatly within arm’s reach of your bed or easy chair with this tall storage stand that includes six open shelves. Reduce clutter and organize your materials by type and size. Choose Mahogany or Distressed Black finish. Measures 15 inches wide by 15 inches deep and 31 inches high. Assembly required.

Keep track of who you loan your books to with the 20 self-adhesive pockets, 20 checkout cards, date stamp and ink pad in this kit. Share your books without the fear of losing them. Plus create a running history of who has borrowed which books-a unique keepsake for readers who frequently share books. Refills available.

Keep books open to a particular page, hands-free with this simple device. Includes a matching stand for true convenience, both with a chrome finish. Use for leisurely reading or while following allow with a cook book recipe, when copying quotes out of textbooks, while reading large-format books and magazines, or to display an artistic spread

Build book clubs and libraries on literary classics such as The Grapes of Wrath and The Great Gatsby; collect different genres; and pick up Knowledge and Explore cards for bonuses as you make your way around the board. But watch out for Book Club Fees and don’t get stuck Watching TV or you’ll lose three turns. Two to six players.

Track a child’s progress toward a reading goal with this bookmark with built-in timer. Includes a cumulative timer that records multiple sessions and a countdown mode with alarm to alert readers when they’ve hit their mark. Named “Best New Product of 2004″ by BookExpo America. Made of durable polyethylene plastic. Powered by a replaceable watch battery.

Book clubs and avid readers can keep track of book titles, authors, dates, and genres with this handy log. Rate books from zero to five stars and make notes about what you learned while reading as well. Other pages document your personal library, favorite authors, and how reading one book led to reading another. Quotes from famous authors are peppered throughout.

This hand-made book stand is dual adjustable allowing you to change both its height and angle. Enjoy the comfort of hands-free, eye-level reading while the stand’s strong arms hold pages in place. Measures more than 15 by 11 inches, so it’s large enough to accommodate reference, cook and textbooks. No assembly required.

This seven-foot, extra large bean bag love seat is filled with virgin urethane foam that springs back after every use instead of going flat with normal use like traditional bean bag loungers do. Outer shell is machine-washable polyester, but feels like suede. Choose from 16 chic colors. Seams are double stitched for added durability. Made in the USA.

This deluxe reading pillow features built-in armrests with a hide-away slot to store a tablet or e-reader and an over-the-shoulder LED book lamp. Large pockets on either side can hold pens, notebooks, remotes and more. Cushy arms and back fold flat with a built-in handle for easy transport and storage.

The bean bag-style body of this book holder molds to any surface. With its soft faux suede cover, it doubles as a travel pillow! Secure books in place and hold pages open with the clear perspex plastic holder for hands-free reading. Includes a convenient handle and pocket for mobile devices, reading glasses, remotes, pens or snacks. One-year warranty.

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an appointment to meet someone in secret, typically one made by lovers

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Get Creative with your Library Weeding

Tape Cassette Lights
This one uses uniform clear cased tape cassettes for a more elegant look.  A mix and match style using coloured tapes could be more fun and offer a record (pun intended) of your musical tastes from way back when. (Source: Make Magazine)

Floppy Disk Notebooks
Love this one. They look bright and unique with a sturdy cover. Be even more environmentally friendly and use G.O.O.S. paper to fill it. G.O.O.S. paper, pronounced 'goose' for those not yet in the know, is Good On One Side papers from you printer's recycling bin.  We found a box of blank black coloured disks in the back of a cupboard recently.  I wish I had known about this then.(Source: Environment Team)
 Globe Lamp or Bowl
Are you like some of my libraries that just can't bear to throw out old globes, even though the countries have changed borders and names?  Try converting them into lamps for your reading nooks or reference work tables. Or change them into bowls to hold scrap paper, pencils, bookmarks, or whatever you have in bins on your counter. They are stylish and great eye candy for the library. (Sources: Happiness Is and Indulgy)

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1) a brief evocative account or description;
2) a small illustration or photograph that fades into the background without a definite border
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