Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blog?? Is that Klingon?

I told my family that I was taking a course on blogging. The responses hit both ends of the spectrum. "yeah? SO?" came from the lips of the prepubescent, ever confident in their technological superiority. "What is that? You speaking Klingon now" came from a certain unnamed individual wearing a Dr. Who shirt. (I thought of demanding that he change his wardrobe before making fun of me) And finally the unexpected technophobic exclamation "but won't they find out everything about you?!?" from a parental unit.

So why did I sign up for Betty Blogger? Because it was offered. Well that and so that I could say I am a little bit less uncool when it comes to that "tech-stuff".

Online and blogging,
Your Absent Librarian

1 comment:

  1. Dr. Who used to scare me... My dad used to watch it on rainy Sunday afternoons and whem he got in the phonebooth (Dr. Who, not my dad...) I'd hide.

    FYI, [you're] wa' vo' maH DaH is Klingon for "you're one of us now".

    *insert evil laugh*