Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FEED and the RSS feed

o What RSS feeds have you subscribed to?
I subscribed to some feeds concerning authors Marian Keyes, Jane Green and Janet Evanovich. (yes, I live the fluffy a problem with that?!?!) I also decided to add the Burlington Public library feed and Canadian actor David Hewlitt's page because he makes me laugh all the time.

o Did you find Google Reader easy to use?
The search function was easy enough...BUT...wading through the sites is a bit daunting. Finding just the right feed was a bit of a muddle.

o Will you continue to use the aggregator, Google Reader?
Probably not. But you never know...perhaps one day.

1 comment:

  1. I love fluffy stuff too, Absent. People assume when you work in a library that you read Balzac and Foucault but not me. If it's not historical, romantic, dealing with the Tudors, or some sort of random fantasy futurastic (with a bit of romance) I'm not interested.

    Oh, and I don't read anything that takes place in Ireland or Scotland. Sue me.