Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Learning Skills: Collaboration

The Ontario Government has identified and targeted six key learning skills for student success. Libraries can help teachers and students to understand and develop these skills by providing picture books that model these behaviours and the issues surrounding them.

Learning Skills and Work Habits Sample Behaviours: Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, Self Regulation.

The student:
• accepts various roles and an equitable share of work in a group;
• responds positively to the ideas, opinions, values, and traditions of others;
• builds healthy peer-to-peer relationships through personal and media-assisted interactions;
• works with others to resolve conflicts and build consensus to achieve group goals;
• shares information, resources, and expertise and promotes critical thinking to solve problems and make

The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane Derolf is about crayons that do not get along, and are purchased by a little girl who uses them to draw pictures and show how well they all work together.

Stone Soup by Jon Muth or(any version)  Three strangers, hungry and tired, pass through a war-torn village. Embittered and suspicious from the war, the people hide their food and close their windows tight. That is, until the clever strangers suggest making a soup from stones. Intrigued by the idea, everyone brings what they have until-- together, they have made a feast fit for a king! An inspiring story about the strength people possess when they work together.

Title Author
Solomon's tree Andrea Spalding
Little Red Hen Big Book  Byron Baerton
The Yellow Star: the legend of King Christian X of Denmark Carmen Agra Deedy
I Can Cooperate! (The Best Me I Can Be)  David Parker
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type  Doreen Cronin
Big Pumpkin  Erica Silverman
Kevin and His Dad  Irene Smalls
Moose's Loose Tooth  Jacqueline A Clarke
Cook-a-Doodle-Doo!  Janet Stevens
The Great Fuzz Frenzy Janet Stevens
Zero Kathryn Otoshi
Frederick  Leo Lionni
Swimmy  Leo Lionni
Three Hens and a Peacock Lester L. Laminack
Stone Soup  Marcia Brown
The Seven Chinese Brothers  Margaret Mahy
Just My Friend & Me  Mecer Mayer
Shin-chi's canoe Nicola Campbell
The Way Back Home  Oliver Jeffers
Some Friends to Feed: The Story of Stone Soup Pete Seeger
The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)  Philemon Sturges
We Share Everything Robert Munsch
The Crayon Box that Talked  Shane Derolf
Ladybug's Birthday (SidebySide) Steve Metzger
The Biggest Snowman Ever  Steven Kroll

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