Saturday, November 23, 2013

Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux


Allison Hewitt and her five colleagues at the Brooks and Peabody Bookstore are trapped together when the zombie outbreak hits. Allison reaches out for help through her blog, writing on her laptop and utilizing the military's emergency wireless network (SNET). It may also be her only chance to reach her mother. But as the reality of their situation sinks in, Allison's blog becomes a harrowing account of her edge-of-the-seat adventures (with some witty sarcasm thrown in) as she and her companions fight their way through ravenous zombies and sometimes even more dangerous humans.  A great touch was the use of book titles for each chapter. It added a  it of literary flair to contrast the darkness of the events Allison writes about.
The tagline for the book is "One woman's story as she blogs - and fights back - the zombie apocalypse". And that is exactly what this book is ..a come ride along with Allison as she fights for survival and to maintain hope. Through her blog, the reader is able to to travel with Allison, experience the horror and hope right along side of her. Originally, this book was an experimental online blog.  You can read Allison's blog posts at

There's tension and horror and gore and jumpy moments. The monsters are not just the zombies, in fact they, while dangerous and scary, are what they are. It is the other humans that induce the greater fear. This story is told via Allison's Blog which she uses to document what is happening and communicate sporadically with other survivors. This format makes it feel current and urgent. I often hesitated at turning the page - I HAD to know what would happen but also had that feeling of "don't-go-down-into-the-basement!" Plus she's trapped in the back of a bookstore but can't get to the books. That's horror right there! Readers follow Allison and her group as they fight to survive zombies, food shortages, illness and the danger of needing to trust other people. (Any fan of the Walking Dead TV series will probably like this series. It reads very much like the show version, but with a touch of humour)

If you like this one, try the sequel: Sadie Walker is Stranded
Sadie Walker is one of the survivors in this new world. Living in north Seattle behind barrier that keep the living in and the dead out, she trying to get back to a normal life, while raising her eight-year-old nephew, if anyone even knows what "normal" is anymore. Then everything goes sideways when Shane is kidnapped by a group of black market thieves and they bring down a crucial barrier in the city while trying to escape, and flood the city with the walking dead. After rescuing her nephew, Sadie and Shane escape Seattle on the last remaining boat, along with other survivors. However, now they must face the complete chaos of a world filled with flesh eating zombies and humans who are playing with a whole new rule book when it comes to survival in their journey to find a new place that they can call home.

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