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Forest of Reading 2015

Forest of Reading
Each year, the Ontario Library Association (OLA) presents a reading program " designed to cultivate a love of reading for people of all ages:  Each year public and school libraries offer the program to more than 1 quarter million participants. There are eight programs, each containing 10 titles bey Canadian authors.  To be eligible to vote in an individual program, readers must finish a minimum of 5 titles from 10 nominated program.

For School-Aged Readers

Program Name Grade RangeBook Type 
Blue Spruce™JK–grade 2 picture books
Silver Birch®Grades 3–6fiction / non-fiction
Red Maple™Grades 7–8fiction, non-fiction (every other year)
White Pine™Grades 9–12fiction, non-fiction (every other year)
Le Prix Peupliervariespicture books
Le Prix Tamaracvarieschapter books
Le Prix Tamarac Expressvariesshorter chapter books or mature picture books

For Adults

Program Name Grade RangeBook Type 
Golden Oak™ Awardsadults learning to read, ESLfiction
Evergreen™ Awardadults of any age
fiction, non-fiction

Here are the titles for this year's OLA Forest of Reading Program

The Day My Mom Came To Kindergarten Maureen Fergus,
The Highest Number in the World Roy Macgregor, Genevieve Despres
Kenta and the Big Wave Ruth Ohi
Loula is Leaving for Africa Anne Villeneuve
Man with the Violin Kathy Stinson
Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress Christine Baldacchino
Most Magnificent Thing Ashley Spires
My Blue is Happy Jessica Young
Oddrey and the New Kid Dave Whamond
Young Frank, Architect Frank Viva
Creature Department Robert Paul Wetson
Dial M for Morna - Dead Kid Detective Agency  Evan Munday
Hidden Agenda of Sigrid Sugden Jill MacLean
Madman of Piney Woods Christopher Paul Curtis
Me & Mr. Bell Philip Roy
Night Gardener Jonathan Auxier
Red Wolf Jennifer Dance
Saving Houdini Michael Redhill
September 17 Amanda West Lewis
Striker David Skuy
50 Body Questions: A Book That Spills Its Guts Tanya Lloyd Kyi
Annaleise Carr: How I Conquered Lake Ontario to Help Kids Battling Cancer Annaleise Carr as told to Deborah Ellis
Big Book of Hockey for Kids Eric Zweig
Cat Champions: Caring for our Feline Friends Rob Laidlaw
Every Last Drop: Bringing Clean Water Home Michelle Mulder
Extraordinary Life of Anna Swan Anne Renaud
From Vimy to Victory: Canada's Fight to the Finish in World War 1 Hugh Brewster
History of Just About Everything: 180 Events, People and Inventions That Changed the World Elizabeth MacLeod
It's a Feudal, Feudal World Stephen Shapiro
Zoobots: Wild Robots Inspired by Real Animals Helaine Becker
Be a Wilderness Detective Peggy Kochanoff
Every Day is Malala Day Rosemary McCarney
The Fly Elise Gravel
From There to Here Laurel Croza
The Great Bike Rescue Hazel Hutchins
How to Save a Species Jonathan Baillie
Kung Pow Chicken #1 Let's Get Cracking Cyndi Marko
My Name is Blessing Eric Walters
Prove it, Josh Jenny Watson
Seconds Sylvia Taekema
The Boundless Kenneth Oppel
The Comic Book War Jacqueline Guest
Dead Man's Switch Sigmund Brower
How to Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied Jess Keating
Outside In Sarah Ellis
Rule of Three Eric Walters
The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden Philippa Dowding
Summer Days. Starry Nights Vikki VanSickle
Unspeakable Caroline Pignat
Zomboy Richard Scrimger
Growing Up, Inside and Out Kira Vermond
It's Catching: The Infectious World of Germs and Microbes Jennifer Gardy
The Last Train: A Holocaust Story Rona Arato
Legends, Icons & Rebels: Music That Changed the World Robbie Robertson
Looks Like Daylight: Voices of Indigenous Kids Deborah Ellis
Pay It Forward Kids: Small Acts, Big Change Nancy Runstedler
Real Justice: Sentenced to Life at Seventeen: The Story of David Milgard Cynthia J. Parton
Start Cooking From Scratch: What You Should Know about Food and Cooking Sarah Elton
We Are Canada Rika Saddy
Why Do We Fight? Conflict, War, and Peace Niki Walker
Le cadeau des frères Bravo Caroline Merola
Je suis riche! Angele Delaunois
Je veux un animal de compagnie Jennifer Couëlle
La limace Elise Gravel
Ma petite boule d'amour Jasmine Dube
Meuh où est Gertrude? Benoit Dutrizac
Rocheux anniversaire, Léopold! Isabelle Gaul
Une Charlotte olympique Mireille Messier
La vie rêvée de Crapaud la grenouille Carine Paquin
Le voleur de couche Nadia Sevigny
Victor Cordi (anomalie maléfique) Annie Bacon
Cocorico! Francois Gravel
La fabuleuse histoire de Jérémy Leloup Gilles Tibo
Le journal de guerre d'Émilio André Jacob
Max et la belle inconnue Olivier Challet
Destination Monstroville 01 - Moche Café Nadine Descheneaux
Pas question que les criminels dormant René Cochaux
La patate cadeau ou la vraie histoire de la poutine râpée Diane Carmel Léger
La plus grosse poutine du monde Andrée Poulin
Quatre Filles de génies Emmanuelle Bergeron
Le catalogue de robots Jean-Pierre Guillet
Embrouilles à Embrun Mireille Messier
Guiby : Une odeur de soufre Sampar (Samuel Parent)
Il m'énerve, ce William Parker! Alain M. Bergeron
Julie et Alexis le Trotteur Martine Latulippe
Lucie Wan en danger Agnes Grimaud
Mission... à donner le frisson! Lili Chartrand
Moi, zèbre bouchard Myriam De Repentigny
Pablo trouve un trésor Andrée Poulin
Tsuki, princesse de la Lune Suzanne de Serres

Title image and table from the OLA website

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