Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Character Pumpkin Entries (School #1)

Well,  we had a lot of interest in this contest from our primary grades.  Armed with glue and paint and construction paper...and whatever else they brought from home, students attacked the mini pumpkins with gusto!  So much gusto that several had to go to the big Pumpkin-Patch-in-the-Sky due to fruit flies and rapid decay.  The idea was to paint the pumpkins as a book character and pose them with the matching book.  This didn't quite work out as intended.  The term 'character' brought forth  animated movie personalities and artistic interpretations of book themes.  I have 2 different schools working on this project.

Here are the results from school number one (minus those that didn't survive the wait for my next visit)  The No! David! was made by our Teacher Librarian as an example.


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