Monday, December 16, 2013

Learning Skills: Responsibility

The Ontario Government has identified and targeted six key learning skills for student success. Libraries can help teachers and students to understand and develop these skills by providing picture books that model these behaviours and the issues surrounding them.

Learning Skills and Work Habits Sample Behaviours: Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, Self Regulation.

The student:
• fulfils responsibilities and commitments within the learning environment;
• completes and submits class work, homework, and assignments according to agreed-upon timelines;
• takes responsibility for and manages own behaviour.

Uses an advice-column format to define responsibility as a character value. The "letters" demonstrate how being responsible in daily situations.

This book introduces readers to the idea of "cause and effect," by asking what would happen if everybody did things like...make tracks? ...spill tacks? ...pull off a bud? ...jump in mud? ...slam the door? ...stomp and roar? The book explores personal responsibility and introduces a sense of community.

Arthur's computer disaster Marc Brown
Arthur's in charge Emily Dodi
Arthur's Pet Business Marc Brown
Basketball player roch carrier
Busy Beaver Nicholas Oldland
Chicken Sunday Patricia Polacco
Children make terrible pets Peter Brown
Clean your room, Harvey Moon! Pat Cummings
Clifford's Good Deeds Norman Bridwell
Franklin Forgets Sharon Jennings
Have Courage My Love Lisa Hewitt-Savelli
I just forgot Mercer Mayer
if everybody did Jo Ann Stover
Ish Peter H. Reynolds
Just Kidding Tracy Ludwig
Little Beauty  Antony Browne
Miss Rumphius Barbara Cooney
Noni Says No Hether Hartt-Sussman
Officer Buckle and Gloria Peggy Rathman
Olivia and the missing Toy Ian Falconer
Olympig! Victoria Jamieson
One   Kathryn Otoshi
Pigeon wants a puppy Mo Willems
Pigsty Marc Teague
Say Something Peggy Moss
The Paper Boy Dave Pilkey

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