Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg Cabot

17349002Heather Wells is used to having her cake and eating it too, but this time her cake just might be cooked. Her wedding cake, that is.

With her upcoming nuptials to PI Cooper Cartwright only weeks away, Heather's already stressed. And when a pretty junior turns up dead, Heather's sure things can't get worse—until every student in the dorm where she works is a possible suspect, and Heather's long-lost mother shows up.

Heather has no time for a tearful mother and bride reunion. She has a wedding to pull off and a murder to solve. Instead of wedding bells, she might be hearing wedding bullets, but she's determined to bring the bad guys to justice if it's the last thing she does . . . and this time, it just might be.

Book 5 in the Heather Wells Mysteries.

This entry into the Heather Wells series delivers well, continuing to fuse humour, college life, family drama and, of course, a murder mystery.  I have enjoyed this series.  It is a quick, light, fun read with enough mystery and wit to keep me coming back.  My only complaint, and that is a bit strong of a description, is that Cabot has pretty much left the romance between Heather and Cooper as is.  Their relationship was established and solidified in the previous volume so in The Bride Wore Size 12 we must settle for the subtle treats of  Cooper protecting his girl from afar (and without her okay). Despite the books back burner status for their romance, my favorite part of the story is still the subtle interactions between Coop and Heather.  Their shared looks, his quiet presence, Heather weaving thoughts of Cooper into her everyday actions and - almost as an afterthought -the wedding sated (although just) the reader's appetite for the duo.  Check out the other books in the series.

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