Saturday, December 7, 2013

Go Figure by Jo Edwards

Ryan is not obsessing....

But she does want to lose weight. Ever since she was outted as a "fat girl" at chearleading camp in fifth grade, Ryan's been on a mission to shed more than a few pounds.

Lately she's also on the hunt for a new relationship. Now that her ex- boyfriend is a rock star - currently posing on the cover of Rolling Stone - Ryan seriously needs to move on. They haven't spoken in months, but in the magazine Noah's wearing the bracelet Ryan gave him. She can't wondering what that means...Not that she wants him back or anything.

No, Ryan's plan is to make the most of senior year. After all, she's popular, funny, a talented photographer...she's got a lot going for her. So it's not all about losing weight or gaining a boyfriend. It's about getting what she wants. And it's about time.


Have you ever read a book and once a few chapters in, realize that you are just to old for the story? I think I may have enjoyed this novel in junior high, but at this point, I found the characters immature and the conversations lacking. The idea was worthy but the author didn't go deep enough, throwing in family issues and character histories as written explanations rather than weaving them into the characters themselves.  From the main characters, I had expected more during their interactions: more believably, more depth.   I was especially disappointed in the best friend relationship.  There was a lot more promise to their dynamic than was explored.  A life-long friend who had shared so many of the same issues and experiences could have been used as a mirror and touchstone for Ryan.  Instead, the friend (who's name I can't even recall now) remained one dimensional and distant. Spending more time here may have given the novel some needed soul.  In the end, I found that I felt as though I had read an outline of a great story that had every opportunity to connect with its reader, but didn't take advantage of it. The lack of character growth by any of the four main characters, especially Ryan gave the story a flat and unsatisfying ending. 

A quick, easy read with relatable YA topics,  I can not recommend this title. Instead I suggest Meg Cabot's Heather Wells Mysteries which also has the larger girl, pop-star romance plot.

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