Monday, March 24, 2014

The Potty Mouth at the Table by Laurie Notaro

Pinterest. Foodies. Anne Frank’s underwear.

Author Laurie Notaro spares nothing and no one, least of all herself, in this uproarious new collection of essays on rudeness. With the sardonic, self-deprecating wit that makes us all feel a little better about ourselves for identifying with her, Laurie explores her recent misadventures and explains why it’s not her who is nuts, it’s them (and okay, sometimes it’s her too).

Notaro had me laughing out loud, snorting in public and smiling like a crazy person as I read this installment of her humorous essays. I have read some other reviews and the consensus seems to be that this is not even her best work. I can't wait to dive into one of her earlier books. Essays on topics ranging from her misguided attempt to rescue a child from exploitation, not being invited to a friends party, a snooty poet who didn't appreciate her work, or good manners and many, many other situations that allow Notaro to exercise her unique outlook on life.  My favorites from the books?  There were many,  such as the one on nettles - you know what nettles are, don't you? -spiky weeds that nobody likes, that you definitely don't want your dog getting stuck in the middle of, but when you go to the restaurant they are on the menu for something ridiculous like, $20 a plate.

Birds of a Feather: Spaghetti and meatballs take a turn for the cute when they're arranged in a cozy nest!
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There was also a exposition regarding her deep and valid concern for future generations of parents who currently obsess on Pinterest - these innocents are the ones that are going to starve to death because they grew up with meal after meal of art-ified offerings and will no longer recognize what food actually looks like.
monster face sandwich... I used to make my daughters lunch everyday, wish I would have had this idea :) Funny
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kids food ideas by Pika
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Then there was the story about the author's sister who ended up being taken to hospital because of choking on a car-warmed diet Pepsi but only after being forced to divulge her true weight in front of all of her coworkers. Murmurs filled the crowd that sounded suspiciously like "lowball, that's lowball". And another on her rescue of the perfect Red Chair, despite a husbands fear of being buried but all the other treasures she had rescued before. And, oh, so many more!

Laurie Notaro has moved to a coveted place on my bookshelf.  The staple shelf, where I keep books I can read again and save for lending to only the best of friends.

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