Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Lonely Book by Kate Bernheimer

This is one of my new favorite finds.  I admit to holding on to a few childhood favorites simply because I didn't want them to feel bad that I had gotten rid of them.  The soft colours evoke feelings of finding a special corner and reading while the world around me disappears.  The passage of time in the story make me long for those cherished books. I love the relationship between the reader and the book.  Kate Bernheimer has brought it to life in this unique (at least in my library) tale.

What it is about:
When a wonderful new book arrives at the library, at first it is loved by all, checked out constantly, and rarely spends a night on the library shelf. But over time it grows old and worn, and the children lose interest in its story. The book is sent to the library's basement where the other faded books live. How it eventually finds an honored place on a little girl's bookshelf—and in her heart—makes for an unforgettable story sure to enchant anyone who has ever cherished a book.

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