Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Heights book series

The Heights: high-interest, low-level readers that grab the attention of struggling readers with high-interest stories.  They focus on a Latino family that finds humor and hope in unusual circumstances.

Written at the lower reading levels, each book features simple text that moves the reader through the story quickly and efficiently. There is no strong language and the subjects are still appropriate for junior (grades 4-6) audiences as well as the intermediates (grades 6-8).

The use of simple sentence structures and short chapters still coveys suspense and tension in the story. I did grow weary of the number of sentences that began with the word "But".
"'But the teens knew something was wrong. Tate's tent was empty. They called his name. But there was no answer. They searched the area. Then one of the campers saw Tate's flashlight."
From Creature

I read Creature, Jump, and the book Ransom. They are quick, interesting reads that will not be intimidating to intermediates. I really like that the covers distinguish them from books for younger students. They lasted a whole 2 hours in the library's new book display before the last title was checked out. There is now a waiting list. It seems my students agree with the cover appeal.

Set 1
• Blizzard
• Camp
• Crash
• Dive
• Neptune
• River
• Sail
• Score
• Swamp
• Twister

Set 2
• Dam
• Heist
• Jump
• Tsunami
• Wild

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