Friday, December 19, 2014

Do Reindeers Toot? and other questions for Santa

Excerpts from actual letters received at the North Pole.  

my name is ******* i am 6 years old.
i would like to drive a car.

This year nothing really changed in my family but lots of things have changed for me. I made new friends , I can't stand nicknames, I joined choir at my school and I got new fish!

Santa you are
half of the best!

 May I please have a tablet, a 4-wheeler, a kinetic sand kit, a brother and a brother that is nice. I want a nice brother because he is annoying and I have been a super nice boy all year.

I was wondering how can your reindeers fly and dont say that it is magic because i know thats not it?

and how can u fit throow my chimny cause mine is really small and every night we have a thing that locks in my chimny so do you come throow the door oh and by the way im not saying your fat.

Dear santa,
my wish for the world is... to let more pepole go to school.

Dear Santa,
 My wish for the world is that everyone can go to outer space by themself.

We have a  pencil Theif and he or she is stealing all of our pencil's,so I would like some pencil's please for my class room.

Hi Santa      
is frosty your friend. who boogies more Dancer or  Blizen.                    

Dear Santa: I hope you are not busy tonight. I know your reindeers barfed on my skylight last christmas.

 I am in grade2 so i think you should be on a diet
because you eat to many cookies but you can still drink milk because thats helthy

dear santa      
i  can,t wait until christmas my mind is blowing boom
i hope  you  and  your wife  your  elves  and   your  rindeer   are  all  ready  for   the...       BIG    Day
i hope   you and  your  elves  and   are   your   reindeer   are   not    sick    on   the   BIG  Day
 the   BIG   Day  is  really   exciting    for  me    and   everyone
I  FEEL     excited     FOME    *****

I like kitties, they run around. My wish for the world is that there could be more funness for people who don't get fun stuff.

DEAR : Santa. How are you up at the north pole? Is it cold? Well lets get on with it. I would like a mgp scooter and a xbox 360 thats it goodbye. : ) :( :) :(

    Dear Santa,

         My favorite thing is a garbage truck.  Where are your garbage trucks? I want a garbage truck for Christmas and a AA battery.  See you later.


Dear Santa,
I went to the North Pole once and saw you face to face.

 most of all i want big box of mr noodles

I have worked so hard in gymnastics.I really like gymnastics and I am working so hard to be the best.My favourite subbgect is music.In music I can let all my worries go away.

Did you know 1 kid in my class does not believe in you? I do.

This year is going awesome. I participate in sleeping. I'm saying this because the night you go to every house I'm sleeping.


How many times do your reindeers toot.Do they toot two times?
Does your elves have pointy ears because they don't eat there vegtables like green peas?

Hi Santa!

I've been a very good boy this year and I have cookies at my house so you should come

I will leave you a beer.  Do you drink beer?

What do you call R2-D2 covered in snow? Snow2-D2, hahaha!


yo, ya have'n a good one? well, I'm think'en that the anwer is definetly a yes .
I was actally think'en :is you'r real name, saint nicoles or santa claus?(shorts:saint nic and santa)
also do you'r raindeer really fly?are elves really real? do you actally go down the chimney to dilliver toys and do you go up and down the chimney yousing you'r own magic? AAANNNDDD how is Misses claus doing?

OKEY DOKEY!!!!!!!!!!
WWEELL, time to burst you'r bubbles..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................I AM NOT FINISHED THIS MEASAGE!!!!

Dear Santa,

I have ALWAYS wanted an elf on the shelf. (ONLY FOR ME!) Keep that a secret please.
p.s. please give 5 candy canes. I hope you can read this. I love candy canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---------------------------------------------------------------------------sorry I just wanted to do that line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that to.

For Christmas I'd like a Lego Indiana Jones set that comes with Indiana Jones. I'd also like 1,000,000 dollars.

Dear Santa,

Hi.  I would like the daily 5 activity to be only read to self.

Dear Santa,
You're the best! Is your wife pregnant yet? I hope she is. Can you tell me when she is?

 You give a lot of people presents but some people cannot afford them. So can you please give a present or two to the people that cannot afford a present? Thank you.

My favourite  reindeer is Blitzen and Dixon !  (Wait...who's Dixon?)

I am nice to my friends by not yelling at my friends when they win a game and I lose.

My wish for the world is that everybody will be safe. I hope that the reindeers are safe , too and not sick so that they can fly.

Dear Santa,
. How is Dancer, he is my favourite, but don't tell the other reindeer I don't want them to think I am picking favourites.

hi frosty i am so so so sore for saying that. When I was building you, I'm sorry I got mad and that I said that word.

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