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Summer Reading Displays

With Spring just barely arriving, Summer seems a long ways off.  But for those looking to create dynamic summer reading displays, now is the time to start gathering ideas.  Whether you have limited space, resources and time or are blessed with many bulletin boards and counter space, perhaps these ideas will inspire you.

Dig Into Reading Summer Reading Program display Lake Benton Library. Books and garden tools in a Wheelbarrow
Short on shelf space? Try bringing in a prop that will grab everyone's attention!
From the 
Summer Reading Program display Lake Benton Library

Cute reading display to encourage summer reading.
Keep the light with this cheerful sign! From  rachelmoani.com

Use summertime props to bring atmosphere to your display:

Crozet, VA PL Summer Rdg Program 2013. More amazing displays by Pam Grammer: Groundbreaking Reads.  Dirt made from coffee grounds glued onto foamboard.
This display uses coffee grounds, foamboard,
a fancy planter and some creativity. 

From: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/161777811587293477/
Beach Reads by Hackley Public Library, via Flickr, and a ton of other pics of book displays
Use colourful towels, Kites and big, bright letters to catch the eye.
by Hackley Public
Library on Flickr

Summer time reading display. Shells, astro turf, watery wrapping paper and beach chairs.
Entice your audience with a reusable cloth or felt tablecloth and set the stage for for a summertime adventure...between the pages of a good book,
From Pinterest
librarydisplayideas / BEACH READS!
Found on librarydisplayideas.pbworks.com
Start Your Summer Reading Early by Enokson, via Flickr
Book Displays in Libraries Group via Flickr--thousands of photos
Different textures and bright colours add interest to this display. 
From  Enokson on Flickr

Start Your Summer Reading Early | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
A Broader view of the same display
Enokson on Flickr

You can always uses these ideas in a display cabinet too!
From Montana State Library

Here are some Bulletin Boards that help catch the eye and the imagination.

Dive into Reading.  End of school year to tie reading in with summer activities.  Library Displays
Found on schoollibrarydisplays.blogspot.com

Bulletin Board:  I would change this to "Fish for a good 'hook'" during writing when we learn about writing a good lead and display the students' "hooks"
Found on lorri6303.blogspot.com

Robert Carter Portfolio > Summer Reading Program bulletin board design
Another version. From Pinterest.

An end of school year library display.  Books were placed in there with the "destination" or where the reader will go when they read the book over their summer vacation.

Books were placed with the "destination" or where the reader will go when they read the book over their summer vacation. From Pinterest.

The theme of the 2013 Summer Reading Club program is 'Up, Up and Away' and we've launched a new display to celebrate!
Oakridge Branch (Vancouver Public Library) added life to their 2013 Summer  Reading program with an 'Up, Up and Away' theme. From Pinterest

Robert Carter Portfolio > Summer Reading Program bulletin board design
Another version. From Pinterest.

"Don't Blow It This Summer ... Keep Reading!" is a fun title for a summer bulletin board display that highlights reading.  I love the idea of having students draw portraits of themselves and gluing colorful balls that look like bubble gum over their mouths.  I would include a writing assignment about students' recommendations for books that their classmates should read over the summer vacation.
Great 3-D balloon display  for the library  or a classroom bulletin board. Add book recommendations from your library. Found on bulletinboardideas.org 

Summer Reading Recommendation Bulletin Board- great for an end of the year class or school project
With a blank book template, students can take lead and recommend books to each other.   Found on meri.verymeri.com

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