Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Poetry Highlight: Helaine Becker

"Talking is what I do best. Writing is how I talk when no one else is around."
Helaine Becker, Certified NutHelaine Becker is an award-winning writer of books for children. She has written over 50 books and also writes for children's magazines and for kids television. She presents (performs) at schools across Canada and the US teaching writing skills for fiction, non-fiction and verse. Ms. Becker also introduces students to aspects of the business side of writing.
 Originally from New York, Ms. Becker is both an American and Canadian citizen. She has lived in Canada for more than 20 years and makes her home in Toronto, with her husband, two sons, and dog, Ella. Ms. Becker pulls inspiration from her reading, extensive travels and experiences as an active swimmer, runner, cyclist, and compulsive read-aholic. She has an orange belt in karate and is contemplating going for her grapefruit belt. (helainebecker.com)

Her poem, Ode to Underwear, was set to music by the Irish Descendants, a Canadian band, and played nationally on CBC radio. More people ask her to read this poem than all her other funny poems combined. It is a popular title at my schools! Plus, it's about underwear. What more could kids want?

 “Everything inspires me. The world is fascinating and so darn silly. And I don’t write for children. I write for myself.”

Books By Helaine Becker:

Helaine Becker's Website: www.helainebecker.com

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