Tuesday, October 1, 2013

40 Book Reading Challenge ... for elementary students

Some of my schools are promoting literacy and the library collections with a 40-book challenge for students in grades 2-6.  The challenge is this:  read 40 books from several different genres.

The books can be from the school library, home or the public library.  Magazines, comics and newspapers can be counted.  
Multi-story and series compilation books may count as 2 books, sometimes as 3 books.  

Students are encouraged to read from different collections and not just plow through the entire series of Scooby-Doo! mysteries.  And yes, OLA Forest of Reading books count!  eBooks too!

Two booklets are used, one for grades 2-3, the other for grades 4-6.

Booklet cover  with collection prompts for grades 2 & 3

The collection prompts for grades 4 & 5

The booklet inside has the log sheet.

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