Thursday, April 11, 2013

Make IT @ Your Library

Think libraries are still just for research or housing books?   More and more, school libraries are hosting and encouraging creative learning.  That's learning through doing.  Learning via participation.  In case you haven't yet noticed, libraries are no longer silent places to read the creative genius of others.  Patrons  can now be active participants in learning and growing their own knowledge.  

My schools regularly employ programs to make Public Service Announcements, video book reviews, music, audio and film presentations rather than old school written reports on a variety of curriculum topics.  Art projects have a long history within the elementary panels, fostering connections between the young patrons and books and encouraging excitement about literacy.  But what more can be done within the library walls?  And what about older patrons?  More and more libraries are expanding the patron experience to draw in the public.  The library is not just for 'serious' readers anymore.

An interesting web slide show about making libraries places for creation -- exploring the possibilities of loaning out video equipment, making "green screen" rooms, circulating guitars and more. A great way to change the library concept!  (Thanks Say What?!? blog for the link)

Check it out here.

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