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Finding Books that "Look" Like You: What Does Your Family Look Like?

Looking for children's picture books that reflect your family portrait?  Check out some of these titles.  Add your favorite titles in the comments section.

Different Types of Families

The Family Book by Todd Parr.  
This colorful story celebrates many different types of families, including step-families, families with two moms or two dads, and single-parent families.

Picnic in the Park by Joe Griffiths
The story of Jason's birthday picnic and his guests, including a range of family structures, including two- and one-parent families; adoptive and foster families; gay and lesbian families; and step-families.

Who's in a Family? by Robert Skutch
Depicts a variety of non-traditional families, including interracial, same-sex and single-parent families.

Same-Sex Parents

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell.
Silo and Roy, two male chinstrap penguins, fall in love and raise baby Tango together. 

This is my Family : a first look at same-sex parents by Pat Thomas
This picture book introduces children to families that have parents of the same sex. Whether a family has a mom and a dad, or two moms, or two dads, this book shows boys and girls that all parents love, care, and support their children in the same way. 

A Tale of Two Mommies; A Tale of Two Daddies by Vanita Oelschlager
*A Tale of Two Mommies is a beach conversation among three children. One boy asks another boy about having two mommies. A young girl listening in asks some questions too.
*A Tale of Two Daddies is a simple story about a little girl with two daddies: Daddy and Poppa. When a boy on the playground asks her what it's like having two dads, he wants to know things like "Who tucks you in at night? Which one helps with homework? Which one braids your hair?" The little girl happily explains which of her day-to-day activities are best performed by Daddy, Poppa or both. 


We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families by Todd Parr

This book depicts an array of children and families—including one with a single parent and one with two dads—and emphasizes the rewards of adoption for adults and children alike.

Tell me Again about the Night I was Born by Jamie lee Curtis
The story about the night adoptive parents get the call that their new child has been born.

Sisters by Judith Caseley
Kika has just been adopted. There's so much that's new to her: a different language, new friends to make, and something she's never had before -- a family. Melissa has a new sister -- and she's excited. There's so much to share with Kika: trips to the playground, afternoons at the library, and birthday parties.

The Little Green Goose.  by A. Sansone
Mr. Goose finds an abandoned egg, hatches it, and raises a peculiar green-skinned long-tailed chick, who worries about his identity but comes to recognize that he has a loving parent.

Foster Family

Zachary's New Home: A Story For Foster & Adopted Children by Blomquist

A story about Zachary the kitten, who is taken from his mother's house when his mother is unable to take care of him. The book follows Zachary as he first goes into foster care and then is adopted by a family of geese.

Our Gracie Aunt  by Jacqueline Woodson. 
Johnson and his sister, Beebee, have to take care of themselves after their mother leaves. Then they’re moved to the Aunt Gracie’s house and things start getting better.

Murphy's Three Homes: A Story For Children in Foster Care by Gilman

Murphy's Three Homes follows this adorable pup through his placement in three new homes, as well as through his anxiety, self-doubt, and hope for a new, loving family. Finally, Murphy is placed in a caring foster home where he feels comfortable and valued. 

Incarcerated parent

Visiting day by Jacqueline WoodsonA young girl and her grandmother visit the girl's father in prison.

Mama Loves Me from Away
 by Pat Brisson. 
Shows the loving bond between Sugar and her single-parent mom through memories. But now Sugar now lives with Grammy, and they travel every Sunday on three long bus rides to visit Mama.

Multiracial families
The Two Mrs. Gibsons  byToyomi Igus. A young girl tells of her very different but loving relationships with her Japanese-American mother and her African-American grandmother.

My Rainbow Family  by K. R. Vance
 The story of Drake, a child with a black mother and a white father. Drake's brother and sisters are of varying races. His brother is Cherokee, and one of his older sisters is Hispanic and the other two African. Growing up in their special family, the children are exposed to a uniquely multicultural environment. Drake even learns to speak Spanish from his eldest sister. The children also grow up with a positive attitude about differences in the people around them. When children at school ask Drake how it is possible for him to have a black mother, his response is, "Families come in all colors". 

Single Parents/ Divorced Parents

A Chair for My Mother by Vera Williams A single mom and grandmother raising a girl.

Good-Bye Daddy! by Brigitte Weninger
After spending the day with his daddy, a young bear is sad and angry that his father has to leave. The bear comes to learn that even when a father lives in another home, the love and caring never go away.

Love is a Family by Roma Downey
This is the story of a young girl being raised by her mother. She longs for a large noisy family like that of her friend. At the school family fun night, she sees all the different family combinations, and realizes it is love that makes a family.

 A Day With Dad by B. Holmburg
 Tim waits with excitement for a train to bring his father, who lives in another town, then spends an entire day with him, doing all of their favorite things, until it is time for Dad to catch the train home.

Two Homes by Claire MasurelA young boy named Alex enjoys the homes of both of his parents who live apart but love Alex very much, in a comforting story about the reality of divorce.

Step Families

The Not So Wicked Step-Mother by Leslie Allgood Venable
Olivia & Maria are two young sisters who are coping with the recent divorce of their parents. Later, when their dad begins dating again, the sisters decide to make sure he's dating someone who is right for them too. When Dad does meet that someone, Olivia and Maria are happy. Then Dad announces his plan to remarry. Now the girls must cope with the experience of having a stepmother. 

My Bonus Mom! by Tami Butcher
My Bonus Mom! shows children of divorced families that a positive attitude can lead to a happy outcome and springs open their hearts and minds to accept their own bonus moms. It captures the mixed emotions that surge through young children as they deal with divorce and adjust to remarriage. The children work through their feelings of dismay, fear and anger, and grow to love dad's new wife, whom they come to think of as their bonus mom.


Sometimes It's Grandmas and Grandpas, Not Mommies and Daddies by 

Shares a child's experience living with and being cared for by grandparents through the eyes of a  little girl.

Military Parents

While You Are Away by Eileen Spinelli
Three different children with parents in three different branches of the military (the Navy, Air Force and Army) talk about the things they miss doing with their parents and wonder if their parents are missing them.

Sometimes We Were Brave by Pat Brisson
Jerome's mom is a sailor. When her ship is in home port, she and Jerome bake cookies, read books together, and take their dog, Duffy, for walks. When his mom's ship goes to sea, she gives Jerome a hug and says, "Be brave, Jerome. I'll be back as soon as I can." Jerome doesn't feel brave at all. But he does what he needs to do every day—goes to school, helps his dad with chores, and takes care of Duffy.

Letters to a Military Mom by Tucker McElroy
Lizzie's mom is a soldier with an overseas posting.  The story is told as a series of letters from Lizzie to her mom, from the time she leaves until she returns home.

A Paper Hug by Stephanie Skolmoski
A Paper Hug follows a child as his father is called to deploy overseas. It covers emotions and issues that are likely to be experienced by both children and the parent left behind.

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