Thursday, July 2, 2015

Get Creative with your Library Weeding

Tape Cassette Lights
This one uses uniform clear cased tape cassettes for a more elegant look.  A mix and match style using coloured tapes could be more fun and offer a record (pun intended) of your musical tastes from way back when. (Source: Make Magazine)

Floppy Disk Notebooks
Love this one. They look bright and unique with a sturdy cover. Be even more environmentally friendly and use G.O.O.S. paper to fill it. G.O.O.S. paper, pronounced 'goose' for those not yet in the know, is Good On One Side papers from you printer's recycling bin.  We found a box of blank black coloured disks in the back of a cupboard recently.  I wish I had known about this then.(Source: Environment Team)
 Globe Lamp or Bowl
Are you like some of my libraries that just can't bear to throw out old globes, even though the countries have changed borders and names?  Try converting them into lamps for your reading nooks or reference work tables. Or change them into bowls to hold scrap paper, pencils, bookmarks, or whatever you have in bins on your counter. They are stylish and great eye candy for the library. (Sources: Happiness Is and Indulgy)

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