Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Library Orientation Ideas- Primary Kindergarten to Grade 2

School has started and classes will be making their way to the library for their first visit of the year.  The Primary kids are always excited to come down for story time, activities and of course, to choose a book themselves and take it home.

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Before I unleash these budding literary aficionados upon my shelves, I insist that they first sit down and listen to my rules.  THE RULES!?!  Trying to get the wiggle-bums to settle long enough to know how a visit to the library will work can be a challenge - and who can blame them?  There are shiny new books and old favorites everywhere!  

But rules are important.  Not only will they help the class understand where to look and how to get those treasured books in to their hot little hands, rules are a necessity for the sanity of library staff.

The basic lesson starts with sitting everyone down and finding out who has been to the school library before.  Who is new?  Who remembers what books they can take out for their grades? When is their weekly library day? How do we chose a book that is 'just right'? How to sign out and return books to the library.  How do we take care of books. A general tour of the library is given..locations of Picture Book and Early Reader shelves, and Primary Nonfiction.  And again, we go over the rules.

Now, having someone talk at you s never fun, and for primary grades, lecturing can be particularly awful.  So I like to promote the use of familiar characters and fun books to teach the do's and don'ts of library etiquette.   

One option is to read a Mo Willems (LOVE HIM!) title called Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!  The story is a fun, rhythmic way to introduce the idea of responsibility and involving the kids in the storytelling.  Then, use it as a springboard to present book care rules, such as this video created by Mrs. Russell and Ms. McDonald of St, Catherine's School (video found on Youtube.com)  Go over the rules by asking if the pigeon can do things like eating and drinking around books, folding pages, writing on pages or colouring pictures, leaving the book where younger siblings or pets can chew them, leaving them tossed on the bedroom floor or outside.  You can also get silly by adding suggestions about cleaning books in the washing machine, or mending them with glue or hiding them in the fridge.

The same idea can be used with David Shannon's No, David!  (as inspired by Stretchy Library Lessons: More Library Skills, Upstart Books, 2005.) Before reading the story, hand out the yes/no David signs to participate with. The signs are simple to make with popsicle sticks and a 'YES' sign on one side, 'NO' sign on the back. 

After reading the book, have the kids imagine David was in the library.  Make statements about what he might do at library time and shift the questions to how David should treat his library books. The kids respond with their signs and voices.

Should David use his library book as a boat in the puddle?  NO, David!!
Should David read in the bathtub?  NO, David!
Should David colour in the illustrations?  NO, David!!
Should David fold a page to keep his place?  NO, David!
Should David bring his book back on library day?  YES, David!!
Should David carry his book under his arm when walking in the hall?  YES, David!!
Should David laugh when reading a funny book?  YES, David!!
other ideas..add your own 
Should David raise his hand before answering?Should David interrupt the story to say something?
Should David wait patiently in line?
David push to get to the front of the line?
Should David run to the book he wants?
Should David walk quietly in the library?
Should David leave his chair pushed out when he leaves the table?
Should David grab the book he wants from a classmates hands?
Should David tell another student about a good book he read?
Should David put his book in his book bag along with his water bottle?
Should David pick up a book that fell off the shelf?
and so on.

Now comes the really fun part...choosing a book of their own for the week!  Send them off to discover new worlds, meet new characters and go on endless adventures!

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