Thursday, July 24, 2014

Coming Home series by PJ Gray

Will has left his troubled teen years behind. He's stayed out of trouble. Traveled. Worked odd jobs. Matured. Now he's coming home. No one could be more thrilled than his mother, Nia. But old family secrets keep them apart. And one shattering event may destroy their relationship for good and ruin everyone's shot at happiness.
The "Coming Home" series is a high interest/low vocab trilogy that manages to combine tension and a mystery with a family drama in very few words.  Each book is less than 65 pages and the illustrations and layout are attractive, specially for reluctant readers. The themes are mature including a murder, adult relationships, and revenge although very little is explicit and there is nothing graphic. 

This is a series I will be introducing next September to the intermediates in my school library. It is an attractive option for my reluctant readers who shy away from thicker tomes but are tired of having limited options for their combined age and lower reading level.  This three-book series keeps the tension tight and the interest high. 
Titles include: Coming Home, Searching for Answers, and The Truth.

Coming Home by P.J. GraySearching for Answers by P.J. Gray

Coming Home
Will has matured.  Traveled.  Worked odd jobs.  Can he stay out of trouble now that he's back home?  Or will pride keep him from making the best choices?

Searching For Answers
Will is obsessed with the murder he witnessed, which terrifies Karyn.  She's afraid he'll get hurt.  But it's not Will who ends up in the hospital.

The Truth
A chance encounter brings Will closer to the truth.  But at Karyn's urging, he leaves justice to the police. With the lies exposed, Will emerges even stronger, bolder, and more confident.

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