Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Add Pizzazz to Your Library

A bit of imagination and a few craft supplies can go a long way!

Create a Graphic Novel Sign using hodgepodge and bright foam letters to create a 3-d graphic novel sign.

Decorate a canvas with comic books and Mod Podge
Found on modpodgerocksblog.comSpiderman Comic Book Door Sign Mounted Lettering Custom Home Decoration Wall Decal Decor Ornament Boys Bedroom on Etsy, $12.00

Many of my libraries have older furniture, including boring return bins.  Even with orientation lessons and signage, students often miss the return box.  Create a graphic to catch their eyes and make returning books a bit more fun.

Book Drop Monster for the library book return
Found on bespectacledlibrarian.com
Bookie Monster - Book Return
found on Pinterest
Use blackboard paint for an interactive and 
updated return bin.

Use familiar items to ease the transition from home libraries to the school environment
found on www.libraryworks.com 

Make signs big and bright for little ones who are still learning how the library works

Book carts are a great visual in the library.  If yours is looking a bit dull or worn out, try some fresh paint. You can even get creative with the side panels.

from toblibrary.sals.edu

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