Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ghost Messages by Jacqueline Guest

Who is the mysterious Davy? 
Foilhummerum Bay, Ireland, 1865

Thirteen year-old Ailish, a feisty Irish fortune-teller, is about to become part of history. She becomes trapped on the mighty Great Eastern just as the ship sets off on its voyage to lay the very first trans-Atlantic telegraph cable. Escape is impossible! Ailish must pretend to be a boy to keep from being pitched into the ocean by the superstitious sailors, while dodging a dangerous ruffian who has stolen her golden treasure. She frequently gets help from a pale young boy named Davy, who seems to know everything about the Great Eastern, but won't ever 
come up on deck. Will Ailish's wits, her determination, and her friendships help her to survive the trip, find her treasure and solve the mystery of her young companion?

An interview with Jacqueline Guest

A mixture of history and the paranormal, Ghost Messages draws in readers with a ghost tale and before they know it, they have learned how modern communication started.  All those cell phones, iPads and laptops students use daily have a direct connection to the story.  A kid-centric tale, Guest uses facts, mystery and action sequences to reveal a little known piece of Canadian and world history.  Perfect for grade 3-6, this story was enjoyable, well-paced and informative.

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