Saturday, March 3, 2012

14. The Time Time Stopped by Don Gillmor

Ten-year-old Tristan Burberry has endured many hours of unpleasantness lately. Time spent pinned under the disapproving gaze of his new teacher, time spent trudging though the mall after his older sister, and time spent sitting with the school bully on the bus. Tristan hates time. So he makes it stop. Or so he thinks… 

When the world comes to a confused standstill, Tristan thinks it's his fault. In actual fact, time has stopped because the Time Keeper, who has been making time for centuries, has quit, fed up with people's lack of appreciation. Then, unfortunately, the Time Keeper gets kidnapped by the nefarious Time Bandits. Tristan, along with his sister Bella, sets out on a long and complicated journey to find him, hoping to get time back.

Well, I think I may be officially too old for a book.  Students at my school seemed to enjoy this entry in the Silver Birch club.  They wrote that it was funny.  To be honest I had a very hard time getting through it.  This was just not a book I was interested in, so of course, I didn't enjoy it. I'm going to stop here because there was really nothing wrong with the book, it simply was not my taste. 

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