Wednesday, January 18, 2012

9. Agnes and the Hitman

What a fun ride!!!! The dialogue flies as fast as the bullets in this offering from one of my go-to authors, Jennifer Crusie. In this novel she pairs up with Bob Mayer to deliver a fast paced, sharp tongued mystery-adventure-romance with great characters and a lot of bodies.

Agness Crandall has wagered everything she owns, literally, on being able to pull off the wedding for one of the Keys royalty. With her fiance-caterer, she will get to keep her newly purchased house if she can successfully plan and execute the perfect wedding for the former owner. Enter into her kitchen a gunman who ignores her tasty creations and heads straight for her dog Rhett. As she fights him off, a stranger - one incredibly hot and dangerous, and did I mention HOT stranger, climbs in through her window to save her. Soon Agnes is up to her blender in more dognappers, bodies, mobsters, cancellations, a nervous bride, a meddling grandmother and a couple of flamingos. Yes, flamingos. And why is her fiance/caterer avoiding her? Luckily she has Shane and his deadly aim to protect and comfort her. She also has her frying pan which may prove deadlier than the hitman.

I would love to see this as a movie: hitmen, wedding mayhem, fiances, frying pans and meat forks flying, cooking columns, retired mobsters, secret rooms, ex-fiances,hot baddies, crazy best friends, a heroine who isn't a size two and can cook the way I wish I could, humour - har, a wonderdog named Rhett and the Venus de Milo. What more could a gal need to pass a rainy night with?

It's action, drama, crime, romance, mystery, humor and full of characters that feel like the lovable, insane, trigger-happy family you always wanted. Thoroughly entertaining, Crusie and Mayer combine to give, my fav, author Evanovich some competition with attitude.

Book # 9 of my 50 book challenge

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